11 teams planned and prepped for Together 2015 . There were a wide variety of opportunities to explore mission with a range of activities including holiday clubs, community meals, coffee gatherings, craft clubs, youth work, light parties, prayer walks and community shops.

Local Leader – Rob Hawkins : Coffee, Crafts, Prayer. Building links between Church & Balliol Youth Project. Community meal with Revd. Steve Wild Wednesday evening. Thursday & Friday youth outreach in partnership with Scripture Union. Needs: People who’d like the opportunity for experience & training as youth workers.
Local Leader – Brigitta Steel : Visiting Leader – Stephen Murray : Link with new Messy Church. Possible opportunities to develop work on the high street.
Needs: Facilitators for children’s work and outreach work.
Local Leader – Juliet Wriglesworth : Visiting Leader – Ian Kent : 
Team members from Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street circuit Holiday Clubs in both churches & evening all age activities.
Local Leader – Pauline Wright : Local Leader – Rob Wylie : Focusing on community engagement with time spent mainly in two centres. 1. North Shields with a shop that will be exploring ‘Stories’. 2. Evenings at Network (formerly Oxford Street MC) working with young people.
Local Leader – Anne Taylor :
Vocal Leader – Robin Brooks : Building on existing work & looking at new opportunities at Keilder Castle including Songs of Praise on a boat.
Local Leader – Gill Welsh :
Visiting Leader – Pat Brooks : Community Engagement with the residents & groups of Seahouses.
Local Leader – Richard Bainbridge : Local Leader – Ian Stimpson : Vocal Leader – Sheila Gibbon : Building links with the village of Kibblesworth.
Local Leader – James Willis :
Visiting Leader – Alan Irvin : Partnering with Eden and Salt & Light. Community clean ups, youth work, prayer room
Needs: Catering helpers for this large youth team, prayer room facilitators.
Local Leader – Kathryn Stephens : Local initiative linked with Together. Community meal with Revd. Steve Wild Thursday.
Local Leader – Alf Waite 
Visiting Leader –  Angela Lishman : Linking in with existing user groups offering prayer walks, prayer labyrinth & community engagement
Needs: team members, people who are good at conversation, chat or prayer.
Local Leader – Ramona Samuel :
Visiting Leader – David Brown : Community outreach, stall at Stanley market, community clean ups, family fun day. Needs: manual workers for clean ups