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Together Mission Summary 2015

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This is a full update of where we are up to with our planning and preparation for Together Mission 2015. At present we have 10 teams. There are a wide variety of opportunities to explore mission with a range of activities including holiday clubs, community meals, coffee gatherings, craft clubs, youth work, light parties, prayer walks and community shops. The …

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What next?

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Saturday morning….can’t quite believe that we are at the end of the week. Although this will be my last blog from visiting the teams, I will add some reflections over the next couple of weeks. If you have been involved with TOGETHER in any way I’d appreciate your reflections, comments & good news stories so please send them to me. …

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Let’s do it again

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Friday morning and Rob Wylie & I set off to the team at Consett & Delves Lane. Thursday, Friday & Saturday they are at Consett Market place giving out Bags of Hope, free literature, chocolate and lots of smiles. Like the Alnwick team & the Bede team they were also collecting prayer requests from anyone who was happy to stay …

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Blown away!

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Thursday morning I visited the team at Lemington in Newcastle. A small team who are encouraging prayer and bible study in the congregation and then going into the community prayer walking. I was chatting to one of the Lemington members who told me that her and another lady prayer walk and meet each other to pray every week. I came away …



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Well we are halfway through the week & already conversations are starting along the lines of ‘how do we build on all this?’ First visit today was to the team at Birtley who are having a great time just engaging with the general community who come onto the premises for coffee mornings, craft groups and drop in lunch. I was …


Journeying in Faith

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This week continues to excite people as we hear of folk stepping out in faith & serving God in new ways. This morning Rob Wylie & I visited North Shields to spend some time with the team. We presented some training on the theme of ‘Journeying In Faith’. I just love it when groups of people are enthusiastic about learning. …


Prayer, Play and Pictures

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Monday….and it seems we all hit the ground running. My first visit of the day (alongside Rob) was to the team serving in the Bede circuit – they have a very full program. I met with them this morning to do some training & preparation before they went out on prayer walks. A group of us then went down to …

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And so it begins

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Sunday was a very moving day. I visited Alnwick in the morning. Before the service we prayed as a team and there was a genuine sense of anticipation. At the beginning of the service a steward got up to give the notices….then she very movingly shared with us how the church had been praying and how they were believing God …