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CrossSaturday morning….can’t quite believe that we are at the end of the week. Although this will be my last blog from visiting the teams, I will add some reflections over the next couple of weeks. If you have been involved with TOGETHER in any way I’d appreciate your reflections, comments & good news stories so please send them to me. This morning I went along to North Shields Methodist church for a family games morning & lunch. A great reminder that offering simple activities, hospitality and a safe place to meet is often all that is needed.

The Consett/Delves Lane team had sent out prayer requests as they’d changed the time of their open air service at the market place because of the weather forecast. It seems they got it right as they had only just finished when the rain came. Over the last 3 days the team has given away well over 1000 Bags of Hope & talked to many, many people.

Then off to Wrekenton for the joint youth event ‘CONNECT’. DJ Sean kicked the night off then it was over to youth workers Andy & Jill who hosted the evening & kept the event rolling. KoGs (Kids of God) from Lanchester led worship & MAD from Delves Lane shared 2 amazing dances. Local leader Ian Stimpson shared his experience of bungee jumping in New Zealand & linked that to our need to trust God. Over 100 people attended this – the majority being young adults or under 18’s. It was a very diverse group (a good number had never been to a church event before TOGETHER) and everyone involved did a great job interacting and keeping people engaged.

photo 3-4This was a great way to round up the youth work that’s been going on through the week. And a good reminder that young people ARE still interested and do still want to know more about God…particularly when good folk get alongside them & demonstrate that God has made a difference in their lives. Everyone has worked incredibly hard on TOGETHER, but I have to say that those who’d been involved in youth work through the week looked particularly exhausted. Once more, a huge thank you to those who have given so much of themselves.  Even though it was late when we’d packed up and everyone was tired, people just weren’t in a hurry to go home.

I’m praying that the experience of this week will be something that God uses to change us & transform us more & more into the likeness of Christ. Many of us are already thinking & praying ‘what next Lord?’ – watch this space….

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